SmartTiles Custom CSS

Not wanting to Hi-Jack any of the other SmartTiles awesomeness, I haven’t found it yet, but I sure hope there is a different way to add custom CSS to smarttiles on a device other than my phone or tablet.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Smarttiles barely even shows in the IDE for me… just show that items are linked to it…


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Open up the link to your dashboard on the computer… there is a spot just after the final / that has ui?

Change that to css?


That’s today’s best kept secret! Adding my CSS in my cell phone was a pain when testing the new version that doesn’t let you manually manipulate the code.

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Glad you found it… but it weren’t no secret!

Announced on Website:

And in Community Topic:

But I’d better add to our “Tips & Tricks” section too! (Loading...)


Ah, shame on me. I tested the new version for install and operation but didn’t specifically go read the notes as Alex indicated no big surprises were part of this revamp.

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Shame on me too! I sure felt like I clicked every possible link on the SmartTiles website…

Thanks to @diehllane, we now have a special Help page dedicated to Custom CSS on the website:

Why Samsung SmartCam can not view on SmartTiles?:sunglasses:

Because SmartThings doesn’t provide an API into live Video Streaming.

NestCam, Netatmo Welcome Camera can view it? @tgauchat

NestCam, Netatmo Welcome Camera can view it?

I’m trying to setup a custom CSS but I don’t have a “ui” in my URL. The only thing after the last / is “launch”. Am I looking at the wrong URL?

No… Just change… /launch to /css

Thank you for the response and not pointing out what an idiot I am. I’ve only been using tiles for about a week and did not or for some reason could not see the “Custom CSS” option under tools. Thanks again.

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