How to edit SmartTiles Custom CSS?

Hopefully I am not posting this in the wrong forum, if I am I apologize. I am new to editing smarttiles. I tried to follow the directions on Smarttiles’ website but it doesn’t work. I tried to copy the url that was provided but there isn’t a “UI” in the address. What am I doing wrong?

from the smartthings app -> smarrtiles -> url floor smartiles (xxxxx are the mask my private info)

Just click on the Tools icon at the bottom and all of the options are in there.

Changing the URL is the old way to get to the CSS.

It should look like — by default on the Tools tile.

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I don’t see it in my devices, my smartapps, or my device handler. I can pull up smarrtiles on my tablet so I know it is connected to my msartthings account.

when I choose tools on the tablet my options are
event history
tile order
custom css
help & about
smartTiles launcher

What are you attempting to change?
If you want to add custom code for tiles (such as icons, colors, etc), choose Custom CSS.
If you want to re-arrange the order of items, choose Tile Order.

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I want to add custom code such as changing some of the tile sizes, color of tiles, etc.

is there a how to section of how to make those changes?
is there a way to see what it looks like on my computer with having to go back and forth to the tablet?

You can use that same link on your computer.
I copied and pasted it, then emailed it to myself (I then bookmarked it so I can access the launcher page whenever).

The guide below will help you make the changes.
Everything outside of the method to access the page for custom code is relevant.

Once you are done making changes, save it and you can go back to viewing the Dashboard on that device.

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Thank you! I’ll take a crack at it