Cannot find SmartApp installed from Marketplace

I had the Vacation Lighting Director app that I installed through the Marketplace. A few weeks ago I couldn’t find this app to change the settings (I’m guessing either after a Hub or mobile app update). In the website IDE under Home Location and Installed SmartApps, it’s listed under Other but I cannot find it anywhere in the mobile app.

The other weird thing is that this lighting app is still working.

I thought the Vacation Lighting Director was previously listed/installed under MyApps in the SmartApps Marketplace but MyApps is no longer there.

Any help on finding this app on my mobile so I can make changes to it would be much appreciated! Thanks,


One way to try and find it is to go to one of the Things (in the mobile app) that’s being controlled by the Lighting Director. There should be a Smart Apps tab where it will list all the apps that Thing is being used in, hopefully what you’re looking for is in that list.

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Damn, that was too easy. I was able to actually change some settings in the app. I appreciate your help! It would seem to make more sense to have downloaded apps in one place but that’s probably asking for a bit much. Thanks again.

I’m glad that worked out for you. It’s useful information when you have to remove a Thing and add another one in its place, you’ll be able to check all the smart apps using that device.