SmartTiles and other SmartThings web apps and your "smart screen"

The WhizScreen app turns any tablet into a screen which can respond to events sent by “SmartThings devices”. Following users feedback, we have added the ability to display SmartTiles or any other web based SmartThings app as an overlay layer on top of the screen.
For example, WhizScreen can be used as a picture frame or a clock that displays a warning message every time a motion is detected. With this new feature, users can “open” a SmartTiles web page by taping a button on the screen so the screen is used as a picture frame but can also be used to control SmartThings connected devices.
As been SmartThings users we hope you can provide us some feedback on how we can make this feature more beneficial and fun to use.


Is there a link for this app? :wink:

Just search in play store

So it’s android only?

The link is
It supports iPads, Android tablets and Amazon Fire (TV and Tablet).
In the app, use the Settings page to configure the “Action Menu”.
Also, here is a link for the SmartApp

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