NEW SmartApp that controls your Smart Screen

Our SmartApp works perfectly with WhizScreen. You can display a message on your screen (tablet/TV) at home when a motion sensor is triggered, you can show a youtube clip when you are back home and much more.
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Would I be able to display messages on a smart tv that isn’t connected to ST?

It will work with Amazon fire tv but if you have a tablet you can use it as an always on display. ST is only one input method, it can also use the whizscreen control app, Amazon Alexa, ifttt and more as inputs.

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Do you have a YouTube or something for an example? I am not as smart as these guys and am having a hard time picturing how this works.

We don’t have a video yet, but think about it as a tablet that is always connected to power, is always-on and is placed in a visible place in your living room. The tablet’s screen is showing the time or is showing your photos (that is basically like any digital picture frame). However the fun part is that the tablet screen (or what is shown on it) is not static (like a standard digital picture frame) but is connected to your smart home. For example, you can ask Alexa to change what you see on the screen from photos to news etc. You can use it with SmartThings so every time a motion sensor is triggered the tablet screen will be notified and a specific message (and/or picture) will be displayed making sure that the person triggered the motion sensor is aware that he is been watched. Those are just examples, you can learn more in this more detailed blog post:

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any chance of a screenshot even?

Nice idea. I have a few IFTTT triggers posting to the tablet app and it I like it. I do have a problem though, with the pictures. It says “downloading first image…please wait” and never displays the pictures from the dropbox folder. Any ideas?

SmartThings and WhizScreen