New iWatch App no iPad App?

I am looking to switch from my Vera Controller to the SmartThings Hub and I don’t understand how there is no iPad App available? We have an iPad mounted landscape in the wall and the SmartThings App doesn’t operate in landscape mode? Are their any other options to control the SmartThings Hub from the iPad? This would cost them maybe a few hundred dollars to make it an iPad friendly application…

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Very easy to install into SmartThings and install a native webapp on your ipad home screen.
Best option at the moment.


Yep, SmartTiles will do what you want. It’s a free dashboard, runs in a web browser so any tablet will work. It’s now officially supported, so installation is easy. Here’s the official link:

Very popular, you’ll find much discussion of it in the forums. (It used to be called action).

And here’s the main forum discussion topic for it:

I agree, I think they are working on stabilization issues right now. WIth smartthings not working well, ipad landscape mode is the least of their issues.