SmartTiles and Defunct device

@tgauchat and @625alex…I couldn’t find this anywhere on here…but I just had to replace one of my zWave locks. Unfortunately, the ST Mobile replace function didn’t work, so I had to create a new device and Force Delete the old device out. I forgot to remove the tiles in my dashboards and when I went to go add my new lock, the old tile is still there. It’s not selected as a “Thing”, but when I go to Preferences-Tile Arrangement, the tile is still there and there is no way to remove it and it does show on my dashboard. Is this a known issue? I know I can fix this by redoing the whole dashboard which I am trying to avoid.

This is a common problem with removing z-wave devices. There is no home remedy for that, but support might be able to delete that device for you.

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Thanks, but it’s deleted in my mobile app and the IDE. Are you saying it still exists somewhere I my config?

Yup… Sort of…

When you add a Device to a SmartApp (using the preferences), a reference to it is stored in the settings array. That’s why you can’t delete/remove a device from your Account without first removing it from all SmartApps.

Somehow the reference is stuck, which means the device object must not be fully deleted somewhere in SmartThings’s database. It’s a data integrity bug. has extra tools (or can paas to engineers) who can fix the problem; but don’t be surprised if they first suggest deleting SmartTiles. You have to be firm :wink:.


Thanks. I will reach out to support.