SmartTiles and click to confirm?

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I’m still learning all the cool features and capabilities SmartTiles provides - its a great solution. One question I have, is it possible to put additional security or confirmation around a tile?

Example, I have my garage door as a switch tile on one of my dashboards - I can now easily open / close my garage from a nice swanky Galaxy tablet on my wall - all good. My question, its too easy to open up the garage, I’m now concerned the kids may open up the garage in error.

Yes, I know I could rig up some other alarm if the garage is left open (and will probably do that) but I would like to know if its possible to add a “confirmation prompt” when pressing one or more tiles; something like…“Confirm Action - Yes / No” or a PIN required for another type of sensitive tile?

Keep up the great work. Thanks

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We won’t do it for the current version, but definitely in version 6.


great - again excellent work on this app.

is there a list of features the community have be requesting for the next release? would love to see that /contribute where possible.

I’m heading over to to support the developers

SmartTiles “V6” has its own transparent user “feedback forum” where unfixed bug reports and all feature requests & discussions will be open to users. We obviously can’t implement everything, but user participation, enthusiasm, votes will have some influence… And we’ll rather “defer” Feature requests, rather than say “never”.

Currently it is for invited Beta Participants only; no ETA on public release (that’s another policy: avoiding making promises we can’t be quite sure of keeping!). Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

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