SmartThings User Permissions

I’ve seen it asked many times here. Although I’m sure I know the answer, is there any progress on this? This is an extremely critical feature, like for families.

If not, are there alternatives? I’ve seen smarttiles and other apps suggested but no other detail. I’ve tried those out, but couldn’t figure out how to get direct shortcuts on my homescreen. I’d also like to know if others are forced to use that app, there’s no way around it right? Like it seemed a bit like security through obfuscation. I just want some kind of a solution to let me roommates unlock doors/garage door and have access to nothing more than they need.

The next generation of SmartTiles ("ActionTiles) is releasing soon and is much easier to use and is definitely tailored for family sharing or other situations with permission control.

I’ll let you know if Beta slot becomes available.

Beautiful. I’d love to get access as soon as possible.

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