Zigbee 2 buttons Tuya model: TS0042

@Mariano_Colmenarejo since you are one of the most active in the community trying to integrate all devices, I currently have this zigbee button model that already works with DH, I acquired a new one but it is not working with the drivers. I wanted to confirm with you if you have something that works or could add it. Currently I’m using one of @obmaz solo que el botón por el dia empieza a encender la luces solo de los botones. Y esto no ocurre con los otros que tengo con DH. I deleted it and added it back, but I always add it with a Smartthings Switch. y i can’t put the DH back on it works. Send photo with data.

Thank you.

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Sorry, I don’t have any button driver.
This could work with some driver from @erickv or @ygerlovin

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Sadly it doesn’t work. It only works with the @obmaz , the problem is that the battery of the device runs out very quickly in 2 days since I have no battery.

It doesn’t work for you with @erickv driver because you
the fingerprints are not in its driver, you have to ask it and wait for he add them, as it says in this post

@nayelyz Hello, I would like help with this case too, the problem occurs that the battery discharges very quickly, it lasts 2 days. I recently bought this device I have 6 more running on the DH. Is there any possibility that you can help me to place the previous DH so that this one also works. I have tried several driver edge users but the only one that works is the one from @obmaz, but as I told you after 2 days the battery runs out. I have already restarted smartthings, I have deleted the edge drivers but it does not let me use the DH that works. Thank you.

As this button’s fingerprints are not included in the official SmartThings driver, you need to use a custom one, Erick added your fingerprints so, we need to see if the battery lasts longer with a higher reporting interval.

Can you set up the ST CLI and execute the commands below, please?

  1. This is to verify which drivers you have installed:

smartthings edge:drivers:installed

  1. This is to check if the driver is initialized when you’re trying to pair the device:

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat

Note: The IP address can be found in the IDE

Also, can you share where did you find the other driver you’re using?

@Jesus_De_Oliveira I have the same type of button remote. @erickv kindly added the fingerprints to his button driver yesterday - linked in @Mariano_Colmenarejo response.
This driver is working perfectly so far.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo , I think at some point the fingerprint for this 2 button battery remote has been added to your mains light switch driver with child - as the button device picks up your driver by default - and I have to change it to the correct button driver.
Is there any chance you could remove this fingerprint from your driver? or would that mess up other people’s devices?
Mfg Code | _TZ3000_adkvzooy
Model | TS0042
No worries if not - it just seems the wrong driver to have this device type in

Thanks all

@pedutton Are you telling me that it is working for you? Did you change it yesterday or the day before yesterday? Mine still appears with the model created by @zambobmaz

@Jesus_De_Oliveira The driver was added yesterday afternoon, and added it to 2 of my devices yesterday evening. They are working great.
After loading the driver onto my hub (v1.4.4) I had to change the driver on the device to the new one by bringing up the device in the phone app, selecting driver in the menu and selecting the driver from there.

  • Note * although I already had downloaded this driver from Erick - I uninstalled and re-installed it (using standard links on his driver channel) before it appeared in the app for me to select.

Hope that makes sense

@pedutton I’ll do the tests at night and I’ll tell you something, I’ve already deleted all the drivers and I’ll try again. I ask you, is your device like the one in the photo?


@Jesus_De_Oliveira …Yes - exactly the same :slight_smile:

Hi @pedutton

Thanks for report this issue. It was the second device added in the list one year ago
Removed in this version

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2023-01-05T10:56:40.745885639        
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I’m using this driver and it works

@erickv can you please add this 2 and 3 button devices to your edge driver?

they look like THIS.

Ok. Since no one responded I manage to clone/create then added it to Tuya_Zigbee_Button Driver and publish it. Here is the link to driver if anyone also need it:


It works for me.

@Mark_in_the_house. Thanks for your contribution, @erickv I have a problem with a 4-button device, it works only that I have to press several times for it to wake up and function, the battery appears 100% in the app, but it does not work at the first touch. Which may be?

@Mark_in_the_house and @erickv Could you help me with this problem mentioned above?