Smartthings with Sonoff ZigBee bridge

I would like to use Sonoff ZigBee/WiFi bridge with smartthings. I want to control few bulbs and sockets from Sonoff with smartthings on my samsung tv and phone. Is that posible without samsung smartthings hub? And is it also possible to add/pair light bulbs from ikea that i already have to the sonoff bridge?

Yes, it’s possible using the official cloud to cloud integration and the EWelink app. Here are the instructions from Sonoff.

I don’t know about the IKEA devices, you would need to ask sonoff on that.


Thank you!

Is it possible to add devices which support WiFi communication only directly in smartthings? For example if i buy a TP-Link Tapo socket which i saw in ST
as supported. And is it possible then to make some easy automation with it?

It depends on the specific model. Some offer integration with SmartThings. Many do not. For example most Meross brand devices work well with SmartThings. Right now you have to research each model individually.

In a few months, this will become much easier, as devices which are compatible with Matter should work with the SmartThings app for at least basic features without requiring custom code. So longterm you should have a lot of choices for devices that work with SmartThings without requiring a ST/Aeotec hub. Right now, though, you just have to research each one. :thinking:

Tapo does have some models that work with SmartThings.

That said, personally I prefer the Meross brand for several reasons.

  1. Meross has excellent safety certifications, most models are ETL listed, not just CE.

  2. Meross has a slimmer design in some models allowing you to easily fit one above the other in a double socket.

  3. if you don’t need HomeKit integration, Meross is even less expensive than Tapo, they also run frequent sales, so check the product page for coupons. As of today, they have a 4 pack for $21. (And if you also want HomeKit compatibility, that model is usually just a few dollars more.)

  1. at least in the US, the Meross models have better specifications: 15 A/1800 W. Tapo only support 10 A/1200 W.


On the other hand, the Tapo P100 is going to support Matter and the current Meross models will not. They are going to release new models next year that will.

That won’t affect how they work with SmartThings without a hub or Alexa (or Apple Home if you get a HomeKit-compatible model). But it will be important to some people. Personally, although I have several Meross smart plugs and like them, I’m delaying most device purchases right now until Matter-compatible versions are available.

As far as automations, it’s exactly the same process in SmartThings whether it’s a hub-connected device or not. Whether that’s “easy” depends on the exact details of the automation. For example, it’s very easy to set up a single plug to turn on at 6 pm and off at 11 pm each day. But unlike many home automation platforms, SmartThings doesn’t let you group lights together and then write a rule for the group. You have to list each light individually. It’s certainly doable, it’s just a little harder than some other platforms.

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Thank you for a detailed reply.
It was very helpful.

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