SmartThings Hub with Ozom products?

Does anyone know if ozom products, in particular led bulbs work with SmartThings Hub?

In particular I want to know if i also have to buy the Ozom propietary Box(hub) or if they will work directly with the Samsung Hub.

My Spanish isn’t great, but there seem to be references to zigbee on that site. I didn’t see many specifics though when I briefly looked, so the answer is maybe. If you can figure out whether those devices use the zigbee home automation profile, then it probably can be done.

Hi, you can use the ozom products with the SmartThings hub? (Yo soy de chile y tengo todo el sistema ozom que usa zigbee, and wifi y funciona horrible. Quiero ver si puedo reutilizar la inversiĂłn con el hub de Samsung )

better late than never…
Yes, Ozom’s lights bulbs works wiht smartthings and without the Ozom Box Hub, but you need to make some extra steps.
I did it with multicolor E27 and cold white GU10, but the others bulbs should work too.
Step 1:

  • Delete your bulbs in the Ozom Box (if you have one). Notice that i had to delete it while bulb is plugged in or it didn’t enter into “pair mode”.

Step 2: Add your bulbs to the Smartthings Hub.

  • Turn the light off or unplug it to the power source about 3 seconds, before turning on again, add a new device tapping the “+” icon in the smartthings app on your phone.
  • When the app stars looking for new devices, turn on the bulb again, when the bulb is detected it will blink a few times and it will be added as a “Thing” in your device list, but theese t"Thing" will not work at all because ST doesn’t recognice it as a bulb.

Step 3: Configure the “Thing” as a bulb.

  • You will need the samsung account linked to your ST Hub to access log in
  • Once legged in, you should see sections with your locations, hubs, devices, etc. if you don’t, there are many tutorial in the forum to solve it.
  • In My Devices section you’ll see all your devices connected, look for the “Thing” bulb added in step 3, click on the name in blue to acces to the device info. At the bottom click the “edit” button and change the type to “ZiggBee RGBW Bulb” for the multicolor bulb or “ZiggBee Dimmer” for the white GU10 bulb.
  • refresh your app and you’ll see your new bulb
    Step 4: Enjoy…
    Let me know if it works.
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Hi, thanks. And you know is the same for the others ozom devices? (Door sensors, sirens,…)

José Luis Olave

Not sure, I know that the outlet works according this link Help with Zigbee Power Outlet (Climax PSM-29ZBSR)
I haven’t try it anyway, but I think that will work similar to the bulbs…

Thank you very much for your reply, indeed better late than never, i will give it a try and let you know!
They sell Ozom bulbs in my local store but i was always afraid to buy them.


Great! Let me know if you need any help.

Where is that in the newer version, I saw this and buy it both, I already add the bulbs as a thing, but didn’t found the part that allow you to change from thing to bulb :expressionless: