SmartThings with Mercedes cars (2021)

Interesting announcement today. It’s light on details, but you’ll be able to use the Mercedes MBUX voice assistant and an app to control SmartThings devices. Starts with the 2021 S-Class.

Smartthings had a similar integration with BMW a while back… but somehow it became really silent around that

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and that S-Class can be loaded with tech if you have the $'s. The automated driverless valet capability is also on that car!

Kind of an odd place to start this new car integration to be honest. You would think the people that have that type of money are using a professional home automation system like Control4. Let me know when Ford or Honda get integration :laughing:


You can sorta add this to most cars with Alexa Auto or just open the Alexa App while connected to Bluetooth…

I do this all the time.

Hey Siri, open the Alexa App

Alexa, do blah blah blah

Probably just playing catchup with Alexa and Google.

Twenty years ago someone asked me if I would ever buy a Microsoft car… (remember Windows 2000?). My answer today would be different from what I thought then.

Would you buy a SmartThings connected car today?