SmartThings and BMW Connected App not working

Does anyone know if BMW Connected App will support Samsung SmartThings? It was working last year on our 2019 X3.

As far as I know there no official integration with the new Smarrthings app, only with the old Classic App.
I tried using this SmartApp in conjunction with the new app and all I got was mess, the app itself only refreshes data without any sense. After that, went straight into the trash…I prefer using the Connected App.

Did you have any automation active back in 2019 or what was the purpose of using it with Smartthings?


Prior to the new Smartthings app, all my devices showed up and worked in the car from the BMW Connected app.

Don’t see an option to setup in the Connected app. Only see Alexa and Apple Watch.

I do have an Auto Alexa so may try controlling Smartthings from Alexa in the car.

So basically you could control your home devices from idrive system?What Idrive version do you have?

Not sure if our 2019 X3 has idrive version 7.0 but I was able to control all my Smartthings devices. Something happened when I changed from the ST classic app.

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