BMW ConnectedDrive

Has anyone actually successfully used the BMW ConnectedDrive integration with SmartThings? I know my 3 series is compatible but I can’t get SmartThings to appear under the application list on the dashboard. This has been driving me crazy for a while now. Anyone have any advice/solution?

Go to this page and read the comments at the bottom…

Found this item in another post…
I should point out that the way I activated it was by selecting “Hub” on the menu of the BMW Connected app on my phone. Smartthings was one of the apps listed, and selecting it caused some kind of authorization magic between the BMW app and my Smartthings app. Next time I got in the car, Smartthings showed up on the BMW Connected menu.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen that thread. No luck.

Are you kidding? I can’t get it to do anything useful in the first place, let alone integrate it with ST.

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I am no longer a subscriber. Although the lady still ask if anything is wrong if you press the red button of death…

I’ve been trying to get it to work in my 78 Honda… But I haven’t been successful either…

I think it’s the extension cord I’m using

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No luck here as well on BMW 328xi.

Which year and model?

Fully equipped 2015 328d. Can’t get this crap to work for the life of me.

Uh huh. Mine’s a 2016 535i… and ‘connectedDrive’ has virtually no value to me.