Mercedes connectivity?

My new E220 Mercedes has lots of information available on its Mercedes-Me app and some of it would be useful to use in Smartthings.
Does anybody know of an app that can link to SmartThings so I can use the data to keep spreadsheets of use and expenditure, plan services into calendar, remind refuelling and as a presence detector etc?
It’d be great to get some of that functionality into IOT.

We have a C and CLA series I would love to integrate, but I have yet to come across anything or an API. I emailed their tech support a while back, but never got a reply.

Hopefully someone else has cracked it.

Picked up a GLC over the weekend. Mercedes claims that their code is open source. Anybody connected anything yet?

Not found anything as yet mate but would be interested if you have more luck. Functionality is quite basic it seems.

Any update on this topic? Found an article explaining how to use the API, seems pretty standard rest/oauth2/json but not a developer myself I’m afraid. I’d be willing to help though.

This would be cool to have!

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