SmartThings Window Door Sensor stuck open


Anyone have a problem where it’s stuck open, even when it’s not?

Is there a way to reset it?


Don’t reset.

What does the IDE show for it’s status? Online or Offline?

How’s the battery? if it’s 22% or lower, replace the battery.

What model sensor?

What happens if you use the same battery but just remove it ad add it back? Do the LED’s come on then go off?

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Battery is 89%
I think I have reset it already, but I’m not sure as it just connected right back again. (this all started when it lost connection due to battery loss)
The model is… this one…

Replacing the battery in and out (which is painful) does nothing.

thanks for your help.

edit: IDE says ONLINE

Ok, when you mean it connected back again does that mean the open/close status works now too, especially since the IDE says online?

Also, is the sensor reporting temperature? (I think that one does)

How far away is that sensor from your hub or any other Zigbee repeater?

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It does report temp. it’s in the same room as the hub

When i said I it connected back again, I meant when i reset it (pressing the button with battery out) it just reconnected back to the hub without any issue, except for being stuck in the open state.

IDE has said online the whole time, but still stuck open.

Thanks for your help.

That model has a magnet that can get a little loose and cause problems. There’s an official support base article about it


Hi @Vyker, looks like @JDRoberts beat me to the article!


Wasn’t sure what part of the magnet could be loose, so i took it all part and put it back together again. It’s done the trick.

Thank you very much for your help.