SmartThings wifi won't create network

Hello! I’ve been trying for weeks to get my SmartThings Wifi set up. I have a ticket open with support and it’s been escalated but I haven’t heard since then. Basically what happens is I can go through the entire setup, but the device doesn’t actually create the wifi network. I think I’ve gone through the setup more than 50 times and spent about 7 hours trying to get it working. I’m able to get through the entire setup without errors, but at the end, the network isn’t actually created. I’ve tried buying and returning different routers and modems and can’t figure out why it won’t connect. I was on a Netgear CM400 modem and also tried it with a new CM600. My old Belkin router works fine. I’m on Optimum Online. I took the router to another house and I was able to set it up on the first try! But when I take it back to my house I’m not able to get it to connect. Now that the router is registered to my account, the status goes between “checking status” and “disconnected.” I don’t know what else to try… The next step would be to get a different mesh wifi system and just get the standalone SmartThings hub separately.
Any ideas? Could there be something preventing the network from being created or connected to?
Thank you!

Hi, did you manage to solve the problem?
I have the same problem, the hub connects but won’t create a wifi network.

Hi @Manga22
No, after so many hours of frustration (and buying/returning the router multiple times), I gave up and got a different mesh router (Orbi) and it worked great. So sorry I spent so much time on trying to force it to work.
Good luck!

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This is probably obvious, but just in case…

The SmartThings WiFi mesh routers are unusual in that, unlike most Wi-Fi mesh routers, they must have an active Internet connection or the Wi-Fi doesn’t work. At all.

They also have quite a few features which are region locked.

You put those two together, and unless you have an active Internet connection in a region where the Wi-Fi features are supported, the Smartthings hub won’t create a Wi-Fi network.

You probably already checked that, but I did just want to mention it, because it has tripped up a few people, including people who bought the hub from Amazon in the US and then tried to set it up in another country. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you for the reply.

I do have an active internet connection.
I even managed to connect some zigbee switch without even wanting too. :slight_smile:
The main reason was to connect my ac units to it but in the end i used some old tp-link repeatear plug that i changed it to acces point and the ac connected loke this.
One more thing to mention: i did the ac pairing using an ols S8 instead of my S20 and worked like a charm. Seems that using old phones to create the first connection is the solution.
Regarding the fact that the ST hub won’t create the wifi network ill just wait for a solution, maybe will work.
I also consider using other brands or just do a proper automation using raspberry pi and use the Home Assistant maybe will be better.

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