SmartThings Wifi poor connection

Just purchased and installed the 3 pack of the SmartThings wifi hubs. The Main hub is in the basement connected to my router, the second one is on the main level in the family room and the 3rd one is in dining room. The one in dining room shows a poor connection and it shows it is connected to the basement hub. Should it not connect to the family room hub for a stronger signal? I did not think that they all connected directly back to the main hub. I thought they would “daisy chain” for extended coverage.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Have you tried the Plume App? I think it gives diagnostics…

Have tried the Plume app. It does not give real diagnostics. It just tells me to move the hub closer to one of the other hubs.

It just doesn’t make sense to me that it connects back to the main hub instead of the other hub that is closer.

Plume is using “AI” and well… I presume it is still learning.

I wonder if you can get support directly from Plume on this. Maybe they have access to special logs, or they can give you an explanation as to why this scenario is “not” unexpected?