Smartthings WIfi Mesh Network Disconnect Issues

I know that I am en early adopter and most likly seeing some early issues with the latest Smarrthings Wifi with Plume.
My Setup
Verizon Fios 50 mbs
3 Smartthings Mesh Wifi Nodes ?
Smarrthings V2 HUb
I have turned the hub on for the mesh network as well so two in use.
I have only one motion sensor on the new hub 30+ items on the other
I have two on the main level thinking that I need to move one away
One in the bedroom that seems ok. Not a great connection. House is about 3400 sq ft
Why did I want this ?
I wanted the plume features more than anything to tell the truth. I have three teens and one 8 year old that are I have to kick off the wifi for a number of reasons.

Things I have noticed with this setup in case anyone is interested.
A lot of disconnects currently happening.
Most of the family is noticing this by seeing the Google Dinasour jumping game. I have noticed that sometimes when this happens the channel for all devcies changes. I’ve opened a ticket with Support.
I have the fios wifi which was rock solid off and the smarrthings is controlling this now.
I checked the fios router and I am not seeing any issue with it. Logs show a disconnect in the port for smarthings.

I don’t have plume but I have fios and recently all my z-wave devices are dropping off and saying it cannot repair the mesh. I am so frustrated. I’m sick of having to exclude and add everything every few days. It’s jot worth it.

I think i figured it out. two of my hubs where to close

If I read this correctly you are using a v2 and a v3 hub together. If that’s the case you have 3 v3 hubs and one v2 hub. I’m not sure if it was meant to work that way.

Not really I am using the V3 for some items and V2 for others. I am moving stuff over to the V3 gradually.
My problem when I first got the system was that I think I had two of the V3 hubs to close to each other.
I Had two of them on the same level in the house causing some issues.
3500 SQ Ft 3 level . I ended up moving one to the basement, one on each level seems to have fixed the issue.