SmartThings Wifi Hub Siginal Strenth Question

I have three Hubs, One in garage one in Network room and one in living room. The one’s in the garage and network room are about fifty feet from living room. When I check plume and it shows signal strength and is excellent from garage and network room when I’m in living room. I’m ten feet from the one in the living room hub and it says fair signal strength??? The hub is on top of my entertainment center and is not obstructed by any thing. Any one have any ideas or is this a bad Hub???

Plume subhubs do drop off in both speed and signal strength as you move out from the master.

Which one is the master, the one in the network room?

Yes. will speed increase if you hard wire them all to the same network? it instead of WiFi connection to each hub?

I’m sorry, I don’t know. Hopefully someone more familiar with that particular model will respond. Or you can try asking support.


When you use wired connections to each sub-hub, they each auto act as a WiFi Access Point and have the full bandwidth of your Ethernet network available.

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