SmartThings plug 2019 in the UK (GP-WOU019BBDWG)

Hi, I was just browsing through Amazon UK and found the new SmartThings plug available to buy. I also found it in the SmartThings section of the Samsung UK web site, has anyone got any of these yet and do you like them? They look smaller than the previous one and a lot cheaper as well but seem to have all the same functionality.

Model number? There are now different models of smartthings plugs, in particular, some are Zigbee and some are Wi-Fi. :sunglasses:

The model of the unit I was looking at was GP-WOU019BBDWG which is labelled as Smart Plug 2019 and appears to be the new ZigBee plug for the UK.

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Here is the link to the Amazon page

or its also available on the Samsung UK site

Have ordered a couple for myself.

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It’s happening!

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The Ikea plug is bigger but it’s a third of the price and works without niggles.

Without energy usage and a physical switch though. I love the IKEA plugs but might buy the official one for this very reason!

Morning all

Been waiting on the Multi-buy plug options that have been greyed out on Amazon for a while now but then found that the Samsung UK site is offering the same deal and have stock available so thought I would just pass the message on…mine are in the post.

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