SmartThings plug 2019 in the UK (GP-WOU019BBDWG)

Hi, I was just browsing through Amazon UK and found the new SmartThings plug available to buy. I also found it in the SmartThings section of the Samsung UK web site, has anyone got any of these yet and do you like them? They look smaller than the previous one and a lot cheaper as well but seem to have all the same functionality.

Model number? There are now different models of smartthings plugs, in particular, some are Zigbee and some are Wi-Fi. :sunglasses:

The model of the unit I was looking at was GP-WOU019BBDWG which is labelled as Smart Plug 2019 and appears to be the new ZigBee plug for the UK.

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Here is the link to the Amazon page

or its also available on the Samsung UK site

Have ordered a couple for myself.

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It’s happening!

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The Ikea plug is bigger but it’s a third of the price and works without niggles.

Without energy usage and a physical switch though. I love the IKEA plugs but might buy the official one for this very reason!

Morning all

Been waiting on the Multi-buy plug options that have been greyed out on Amazon for a while now but then found that the Samsung UK site is offering the same deal and have stock available so thought I would just pass the message on…mine are in the post.

I just bought one of these (at £29.99 - and noticed today they are now down to £22.50!) and noticed on the IDE that they do not have a local DTH unlike the previous generation, does anyone know if there are plans to create a local DTH:

What is the “type” assigned to it?

The type is simply Zigbee Metering Plug. I spoke to the Smartthings support chat today and they basically said ‘tough luck’, its cloud and won’t execute locally. Annoying as i used smartthings devices because of this functionality (live in the stick and internet is flakey). I was about to buy a few more of the 2019 plugs but now thinking i might want to stick with an alternative or the older model.

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Try switching it to SmartPower Outlet and see if it works

Hello, tried this, it shows as local in the IDE and the on/off function works in Google home However it stops working in the smartthings app giving an error when you try and load it up, power useage and metering stops working as well as automations which have it included!

Hmmm, think i might have found a solution. I created a customer device handler from the ‘Zigbee Power Switch’ template in the IDE and added capability for energy meter and power and sent the ‘runLocally’ attribute to ‘True’. Seems to work fine in the smartthings app with no errors and is reporting power consumption correctly. The device list in the IDE reports it as running locally, will have to wait until i get home tonight to see if it is working properly.

Only weird thing is the icon in the ST apps now shows it as a dimmer switch and not an outlet, not found the attribute whichc ontrols this icon yet.

From the photos, I can’t see if these new plugs have a user replaceable fuse. Can anyone confirm? That was a welcome improvement (along with increased maximum amps) on the v2 plus


Alas no there is no fuse in the SmartThings plug.

Dang. Guess I’ll be buying up all the V2 ones I see then. Not having to throw the whole thing away due to a surge is much more important to me than Zigbee 3.0

Hi All.

I have the old version of the SmartThings Smart Plug, the one with 2 ON/OFF buttons, 1 on the left, 1 on the right. But I can’t reset it. I thought I had to press and hold any of the buttons for 5 seconds to reset it so that I can pair it, but it does nothing (just ON/OFF but no pairing mode). I tried pressing both buttons, same thing.

What is the official way of resettings this plug please?
Thank you

I have a couple of these and to reset them I press and hold both buttons until the light comes on and release immediately. The light should continue to flash to show its in pairing mode.