SmartThings Bulb (2019, USA)

Samsung has posted the web page for the new SmartThings bulb. $9.99 gets you a basic zigbee dimmable bulb, locked to 2,700K color temperature.

I went ahead and ordered a bulb to play with. I haven’t seen it come through the public GitHub using the normal zigbee dimmer handler, so I’m curious to see if it’s using some private handler with special features.

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I’m curious whether it’s a repeater and, if so, if it’s reliable for Xioami devices. :wink:

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Unfortunately won’t be able to tell that since we don’t have any zigbee netwoing tools. Maybe @tpmanley or @BroderickCarlin know the answer to that.

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It is a repeater and also a Zigbee 3 device so it should work fine with the Xiaomi devices. However I haven’t tried it yet myself to confirm that.


I ordered a couple to replace some older bulbs that have issues.

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Do you happen to know how many child devices it can handle routing for?

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I guess I’ll use these to replace my Crees!

I don’t but I’ll try to find out


Just received a pair today. The (older?) app found them right away. Dimming seems to work fine… they dim down to about 10% before going out completely. Color seems decent enough. I’ll set them up with the rest of my lights using “Gentle Wake Up” in a bit and see how it goes, but so far, so good.

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I wish they made some higher lumen LED bulbs outside of LIFX. I have a large house with large living spaces. 60 watt equivalent bulbs just don’t put out enough light. Does anyone know of one both color and white?