Smartthings Wifi no longer allows access to wired divices

Hi All - First time posting long time user. It seems there was a recent update to the smarththings wifi. I am not longer able to access any of my wired devices through my wireless network. This is my setup, main internet modem, connected to smarththings wifi hub, connected to switch for the rest of the non-wireless devices. Everything was working fine yesterday, ie, I could get from my wireless laptop to my hard wired NAS, I could print from my wireless devices to my hard wired printer, I could remote to my various PCs that are connected to the switch and not the wireless, I could connect to my media server from any of my wireless devices, today that is no longer the case.

Here is what I have done, I have rebooted every device on the network, no change. Replace current switch with an old on, no change. Replaced network cables for multiple devices, no change. Installed an old wireless router and I was able to again access everything like before. My assumption here is that this is a security feature enable by mistake after the upgrade or I have done something wrong last night when I was sleeping and now I don’t know how to turn it off. This has a feeling of guest access where the devices have access to the internet but not the rest of the network.

Need help…If anyone has any suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

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