SmartThings Wifi - New device setup, Wifi working but Hub not working

So i got my new SmartThings Wifi but to my disappointment the hub is not working. The wifi is working properly but the hub is not, I tried adding Smartbulb but I just got erorr saying hub not found. I have turned on my Smarthub option but when I got into manage settings it shown hub offline. I have attached screenshot of the same.

Now I have done multiple resets and reboots but to no success, I feel the device is faulty but thought I will ask here for suggestions.

I think they have an outage occurring that has not yet been disclosed. My ST WiFi hubs are all sorts of strange the past few days and impacting my locks.

But would an outage affect a newly setup device? The wifi works without any issues, its just the hub that shows offline even though I turned it on.

The WiFi is running via Plume, which is separate from the ST hub controller if I’m not mistaken. It’s possible it’s half working if that makes sense.

Makes sense. But I don’t know what should I do, wait for a few days just to see if its back up or will it be a lost cause and instead just return it?

I contacted support and they just kept repeating the same steps of resetting the device each time but nothing changed with it.

You’re stuck on the lower tier support. They are literally useless. Try to get your support ticket escalated.

You have to actually activate the hub to work for SmartThings.

Yes - I have activated the hub from the screen you posted and the screenshot I posted comes after clicking “Manage Smartthings Hub” and there it shows offline.

Is the hub physically connected to a modem or router via the Ethernet jack on the back? Do you have internet connected to the hub?

Like I said the wifi is working properly, so that means yes the device is connected to a modem via ethernet on the back. I have no issues with the wifi connectivity, its just the hub shows as turned on but within in manage settings it shows as offline, same when I try to add a smartbulb, it says no hub found.

So it looks like its a bad hardware. I just performed the steps on this support page -

Ended up with a blinking red, which means the hardware is bad.

That was going to be my next suggestion. That’s unfortunate. Support will replace it under warranty. I had a bad hub. The Z-wave radio didn’t work in the hub, only zigbee. You’ll have to send that hub back first before you’ll get the replacement. Or, I suppose you could just return it to the place of purchase.