Smartthings v2 with Samsung wifi mesh?

Forgive me if this has already been discussed, been searching and cannot find an answer. I’m interested in purchasing the Samasung wifi mesh and know this comes with a Smartthings hub built in (I assume this is a v3 hub). I’ve been using my v2 for over a year now and have things setup how I want. I’ve seen all the discussions about moving to v3 and don’t want to go that direction now. So my question is can I use my v2 hub with the Samsung mesh network? Is there an option to disable the v3 hub in the mesh setup.

You should confirm the following with support, but here’s my understanding:

First, you need to understand the difference between the different models.

The V2 is a master hub which does not have a Wi-Fi radio in it.

The V3, also called the 2018 hub, is a master hub that has a Wi-Fi radio in it, but is not capable of joining Wi-Fi mesh and is not a Wi-Fi router.

The “Samsung Wi-Fi” model not only has a Wi-Fi radio in it, but is capable of establishing a Wi-Fi mesh network and uses plume. It is a Wi-Fi router and a master hub.

So it makes a huge difference which one you were talking about, but I assume you’re talking about having a V2 and a “Samsung WiFi” model. Not a v3 model.


If you just want to use the Samsung Wi-Fi for mesh network, you can (although most people would probably choose ubiquity or eero instead, that model is kind of a weak competitor in the Wi-Fi mesh space, with its biggest advantage being that it is also a home automation hub. )

You would need to have two locations on your account. One where the Wi-Fi mesh hub can be the master hub, and a separate location where your V2 hub can be the master hub. Then just don’t add any devices to the Wi-Fi mesh hub and you should end up with the same essential results as you wanted from disabling home automation on the Wi-Fi mesh.

The V2 shouldn’t care since it’s not a Wi-Fi hub anyway.

However, all of this is just my theoretical understanding. So definitely confirm it with support before buying anything. Or with another community member who actually has the set up and has tested it. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the quick response. I was assuming I could leave my v2 in place but wanted to confirm. I will look into the other mesh options as well.

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