SmartThings WiFi Mesh Hub iOS deprecation (model ETWV525 with Plume)

Just saw this on the Apple iOS App Store:


As of May 15, 2024, Plume no longer supports Samsung SmartThings Login for HomePass.


There’s more info here:


It will only affect iOS users, not android users. Apparently Samsung has not kept up with some required updates for the iOS version.

As of May 17th, 2024, Plume Design, Inc. (“Plume”) had to end support of the iOS Samsung SmartThings Login due to Samsung’s discontinued support and incompatibility with Xcode 14.2 and above.
This only impacts users of the iOS Samsung SmartThings Login and will not otherwise affect HomePass use.
Samsung SmartThings Login will continue to be available as an option for the Android version of the HomePass mobile app.


I can no longer log into the plume system and control my smartthings wiffi. any help on how to control the system now?

Android version of the app

It’s also a good reminder that you should never buy a WiFi router that has no local web administration.

Unfortunately, most brands are making the mandatory account and app the “new normal” when it comes to WiFi routers.

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Visit the support link and contact plume. all they will do is get you a homepass account and migrate your samsung info. That will let you login and manage your router still. Now samsung just needs to fix the mesh aspect not working on the hubs.

Thanks @felixowns. To complement you, this links explein the procedure that Smartthings users has to follow.