SmartThings Wifi hub help

My hub lost connection to my network. I’ve tried rebooting my router and then the hub. It goes from blinking green to blinking red. It’s not overheating. I’m unable to do a factory reset, I’m following the instructions but it will not reset. I plug in the power then hold down the reset. Solid green light comes on for about 10 seconds then it goes off, i release reset and then it starts blinking green. If I release the reset while it’s still green the light stays solid. I hate waiting for an email reply from support. He darn thing is still under warranty and there’s no phone support. I was in chat support but the agent said to email support. I’m totally dissatisfied with the service I am receiving and the time it’s taking for somebody to get back to me.

what is the model of the hub? ST or Aeotec? If Aeotec Smart Home Hub which works with SmartThings, you can try reaching out to their support in regards to hardware :slight_smile:

@ken.zulian Based on what you described it sounds like you have a SmartThings WiFi hub but are possibly performing the reset process for a 2018 (v3) model, which might be causing the issues resetting it you are seeing.

To reset the SmartThings WiFi hub you will want to make sure it is already powered on and then once powered on begin holding the reset button for about 10 seconds (until you see the front LED turn off) then release. If done correctly you should see the hub settle on an alternating red and green LED after a couple minutes which indicates the hub is reset and ready to be paired in the app again.

Samsung SmartThings wifi hub. I chatted with support and then they tell me to email them, that was 2 days ago.

When I power it on and then press and hold reset, the light comes on for about 10 seconds after that it turns off which I release the reset but it just starts blinking green. The light does not fade during this process.

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