SmartThings went crazy

Hi all. I’m not sure what has happened to my SmartThings environment. The only thing that has changed was I bought 7 sengled zigbee bulbs to add on to my current setup which is a smart hub v2. I am also a user of Alexa and webcore. After adding these lights, my webcore pistons seemed to not work at all, while other automations in SmartThings and Alexa went completely haywire. It was as if every device changed. I even set up a simple virtual test switch to send a notification and my tv and a number of random switches went on. I have removed the lights and duplicated all my webcore automations (deleting the old ones). Any thoughts here? One thing I did notice was that when pairing a notification came up saying Alexa added the lights before SmartThings even did. This is something I’ve never seen before.

I’m out these next few days so will have to test anything when I get back. Any help on next steps is greatly appreciated.

Restart Hub

Realized it was because when adding I chose Sengled Zigbee (may not be supported) instead of just choosing the top Sengled choice. All good now.