Community member FS/WTB/WTT Thread

No, thanks for asking though.

I have:
GoControl Essentials (2 window/door sensors, 1 motion) kits
Stand-alone GoControl motions
4 GE Link BR30 bulbs

I’ve got several Lightify bulbs: two BR30 RGBW, one BR30 TW, three A19 TW, three A19 dimmable white.

I’m looking to swap these out for Hue bulbs, or any other Hue-compatible bulb.

These are the US Lightify bulbs.

Oh I also have the Lightify gateway. And a bunch of RGB Strip Lights (I’m using all the controllers though).

I also have a HA03 plug in ZWave Dimmer, never used, as well as an HC7 (or HA07? The big console keypad LCD controller) and HC9 remotes, also only used to pair with SmartThings and then realize they kind of suck in SmartThings as remotes.

Will also trade for anything that I find interesting!

Im looking for 1 - 2 booms if anyone has any.

what do they go for (blooms)?

anyone have the GE outdoor module (12720)?

I have some GE Add-On Switches(5x) - (12723) and Iris Smart Buttons(6x) ( 690401) for Trade. Let me know what you got if interested.

12723 is the auxiliary switch isn’t it?

It’s this one:

Wtb thingshield anyone have any spares or unutilized boards anyone could part with

I am selling both my VeraLite and VeraEdge which are both in excellent cosmetic and working order. Make me a reasonable offer for both units! These units support US Z-wave frequencies only; no international shipping - CONUS only.

Please PM me if you have questions or interest…

Had this in another thread … moving here:

Selling my Echo Dot, 2nd Gen. Bought on pre-release and used since October. We didn’t like it and moved onto Google Home’s. With the recent addition of another GH, looking to sell off the echo. I may not have the box, still looking.

Information is gone and it is deactivated from my Amazon account.

$40 shipped, cont. USA. PM me.



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I have 4 GE dimmer switches #45639 to trade or sell. No neutral required, but the trade off is you need to use iridescent bulbs.

Interested in: Locks, Hue bulbs, motion sensors, Alexa devices, plugs, doorbell, other bulbs. I’m open to any offer, worst I can say is no. Please PM stuff so it’s easier to keep track of things,

do you have any water sensors and what type ? Blink camera? what type of doorbell?

Looking for one Osram LED Flexstrip rgbw extension pack. Needing 1 pack, or 2 loose strips I dont care :)… Just need to finish up the above cabinet lighting. Looking for say $25 shipped maybe. Or could trade an Iris SmartOutlet or a Hue white ambiance a19 bulb

Looking for some sort of Zigbee repeater device. At this point I don’t care what it is. The cheaper the better. I have some zigbee sensors that were too good of a deal to pass up, but my Cree bulbs aren’t acting as a repeater (still trying to figure out if they should or not…)

Also looking for some in-wall switches/dimmers(zwave or zigbee). 2 would be great

These pocket socket from Lowes work great. They often go on sale for less so just keep an eye on the Deals forum.


You beat me to it, I was actually looking to see if there were any sales on them. Only 1 I could find was So Boston VA has 1 $15 but no shipping. ( I always question stores with only 1 in stock . Usually is just inventory didn’t get zeroed out. )
Everywhere else is $35, which is still " OK" if you grab 2/$70 use a $15/$50 code. Free shipping and $27.50ea

I have a GD00Z-4 garage door opener for sale or trade. Installed and used for 2 months, until I was able to get MyQ connected. Looking for GE outdoor plug or Linear WD500Z-1 Dimmer Switches

Looking for first gen ST sensor with the USB input that still works. Name your price.