SmartThings v2 hub for sale

(Chris) #1

My v2 hub is for sale. It’s in good working condition, like new. No battery corrosion, never had batteries in it. I did a factory reset and removed it from my location, and I still have the original Welcome code, so it should be ready for the next owner to set it up and go. Includes all original cables, adapters, box with inserts…everything that came with it new is here (except batteries) and in good shape.

I’m looking for $35 shipped to a US address via USPS priority mail.

(Colin) #2

Did you have any specific troubles with it?

(Chris) #3

Well it’s part of the SmartThings cloud platform, so I’ll leave that up to you to determine if it’s a problem or not :rofl:But as far as anything wrong with the hub itself, no issues at all. It was operating as intended. After the last firmware update, which you can read about on the forum here, I chose to jump to a different platform that emphasises local processing.

(Chris) #4

Anyone need a hub? I’m open to offers.

(Chris) #5

Still available…