SmartThings (un)stability

For over a year now SmartThings has had its hiccups. There have been many problems with slow and/or service outages. My questions to those in the know is this, Every time they resolve a problem, why does the problem keep reoccurring? To me that is not resolving the issue but instead putting a band-aid on whatever the underlying issue(s) are.

Example; processing delays. I have lost count on how many times this one comes up (Umm yet again to today?). Why can’t they fix it? It is like having Microsoft Window blue screen of death and their solution to the problem is to reboot the computer. Unless you find the underlying cause they are not resolving anything.

Is the basic framework of SmartThing bad? Is the solution version 2? Are we expected to sink even more money into this project?

Sorry to be so negative but it is so frustrating when I am forced to crawl under desks or move furniture (especially at night) just to turn on the damn lights!


This is one of the reasons I do nothing that isn’t controllable via a “traditional” method. No hue bulbs, lights not tied to switches, etc. I think this is just good practice in general.

My Hue lights work great when controlled by the Hue bridge. With SmartThings, not so much.

Hue bulbs act like regular bulbs in the absence of control (smart things or HUE or otherwise). Same for GE Link bulbs. I have a GE Link bulb in a bathroom just because i ran out of regular LED bulbs.

That being said I am not so happy with the current stability of ST but am still hopeful that progress is being made. I forgot the lock the front door on the way out today and 45 min later it was still unlocked (normally it locks after a few min when I forget) due to the outage :frowning: I should probably take advantage of the built in re lock option of the lock itself but thus far (until today) it has not been an issue.

I have to agree, I don’t mind a few issues from time to time, but as of late it’s several a day rendering ST almost unusable. My hope is they solve this problem I do like the platform.

being tied to the cloud for any of this to work i think adds to the problem. hub v2 still wont be completely fixing this, and sadly, there isnt anything on the market that supports as many protocols as ST at this time.

The cloud is a part of the problem but more importantly is the way they have the servers configured. From what I observe there appears to be at least three, one for triggered events, one for the Android/iPhone apps, and possibly one for the program apps. I say this because it seems when problems arise it is in these general categories. It seems to me the problem is something going wrong on these platforms and their fix is to re-boot them. I am no expert and I could be completely wrong but it would be nice to know what is going on in the background that is causing the problems