Poor Performance for the Last Week - Having to Power Cycle Daily!

Hi All,

I’m hoping that someone can clear something up for me…

For the last week or so my Smartthings Hub seems to have crashed around once per day. The Hue integration stops working… the routines don’t fire properly etc.

Powering down, and back up again sorts it for roughly 24 hours.

I have asked support@smartthings.COM for assistance about whether this is a hardware issue or a known software issue without any response. (Last time I emailed support@smartthings.CO.UK I got a telephone call 2 days later from someone seemingly on mars asking what the problem with my Samsung TV was - “No sir, Samsung do not make a product called Smart Things”). However I have had no response to my .COM email.

Any help appreciated!

Someone responded to an email to support@smartthings.co.uk claiming never to have heard of smartthings?!
Anyway, I’ve not experienced the issues you’ve been having so might be a local issue. Have you also tried restarting your router? Due to the fact that most processing is actually done in the cloud your automation is 100% reliant on a good quality Internet connection. Is your hub also close to the WiFi router or the hue hub? These are competing in the same frequencies and should be as far away as possible.

My ST hub is right nexted to my hue hub and my hue hub is hard wired is maybe it doesn’t matter

@Jophenna I have experienced exactly this symptom before, it happened when i used pollster to poll my Sonos devices regularly to try and get the Play and resume functionality working. however this didn’t manifest until maybe a good 24 hours after making the change so i didn’t get the correlation. it seems the hub just gets bogged down with too many active overlapping threads and this happens.

have you added a device which polls very frequently? or have you used pollster to poll device status’s regularly? if so remove them and after a reboot your issue should clear up.

Best to keep them apart Ryan as the hard wired part is only for ethernet. The hue is a 2.4 device using zigbee with a different protocol for lights.

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Same kinds of issues here. Loosing communication with some outlets.

This is the issue:

Hi All,

Many thanks for your responses. @a4refillpad I was shocked that they were calling re a TV fault too!

I’m not using Pollster, so I don’t think that this is the issue. I’m using only Hue (Re)Connect and Rule Machine. I don’t really have that many rules either.

There’s also a good distance (10ft) between my Hue Hub and Smartthings Hub, and my router is dual WAN so has a rock solid connection…

I’m had spotted the Smartthings announcement re current issues, but most comments were regarding the Smart Home Monitor which I don’t use so didn’t think that this was the reason.

Fingers crossed I was wrong, and that this will resolve itself. My only concern is that others don’t seem to be having the same issues!

The issues in that thread are currently affecting US users, it was only the US DB server clusters under heavy load. I would look at any new rules you have added to see if there is a possibility of a evaluation or action loop of some kind

@jgravert I don’t think this affects us in the UK. According to the status updates this problem is only occurring in the US. I could be wrong though!

Ah… That’s not the cause then.

My setup has been static for months so why it has just started is baffling me.

I think I’ll have to start from scratch and hope it resolves it.

I do fear this could be a hardware issue.