SmartThings UK Setup In A Differnt Country

Hey guys, i just ordered a ST UK Starter kit and have it shipped to Egypt, where i’m currently staying, and i was wondering if i’m going to face any issues with setting it up or getting it to work… Would it require a UK address or to be in the UK while being setup?

For the record, z-wave in Egypt is the same as UK, 868.4 MHz…


Most likely you will have no problem. I have a UK system setup in Greece and no compatibility issues so far.

Zigbee things must be HA 1.2 and Z-wave ones must be on the correct frequency (868MHz).

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Thanks, i’m not worried about compatibility as much as the setup process… did it require a UK address when you set it up?

No it did not. Do not worry about that.


Good news for the rest of the world.