Smartthings USA working in Dubai - UK Standard

(Gustavo Fuchs) #1


I have a Smartthings Hub that i bought in the USA but i live in Dubai where we have all the UK standards (220v, same power plug etc). when i try to setup the Hub, it only allows me to setup as US, meaning the code in the booklet only works if i choose US, if i choose UK it doesn’t allow me to proceed.

So my question here is: is there any difference between the US and the UK version? why can’t i setup this one as UK, is there a different code i can request in order to setup UK? does that change my ability to add devices ?

I have added a water leak device from Smart Things and it works fine but at the same time i’m trying (almost gave up) to add a Fibaro Door sensor and it doesn’t get recognized at all. the fibaro has battery but no combination gets it recognized.

Any tips ?

(Bob) #2

If you have a US hub then you have to also set it up as a US hub.
You will also have to buy US frequency zwave devices as the UK and US hubs run on different zwave frequencies which are hard coded to the ST hub and cannot be changed.
The zigbee frequency is the same but US devices have a higher power output and may be illegal.
If I were you I would investigate whether you will be OK with US devices before going much further.

(Robin) #3

Z wave frequencies in Dubai (UAE) are the same as used by the EU. You will be far far better off with a UK Hub.

I’m not even sure if US frequencies are legal in Dubai, they may interfere with other things.

Your ST sensor is Zigbee so that will work fine.

Fibaro uses Z Wave and if you purchased it locally it will be the EU / UAE frequency and not US. You could buy a US Fibaro but as noted above, I’m not sure if that would be legal.

(Gustavo Fuchs) #4

Thanks. I just ordered a starter kit for Smart things UK. i think this will address the issue. The question here is: Can i have 2 Hubs running at the same time on the same App, one US, one UK with its related devices associated to it?

(Robin) #5

Not on the same ST app no.

You could in theory run two hubs on seperate ST accounts and then link them to two seperate IFTTT accounts. The two IFTTT accounts could communicate via email / text.

A very clumsy workaround that introduces a lot of lag. I would stick with the one hub if I were you.

(Gustavo Fuchs) #6

Thanks. I will wait to receive my hub and check if i can make everything work with it and then resell the US one. Do you have experience in larger houses (4000 sqft) and the capacity to reach indoor and outdoor areas. is it ok or is there any best practice for this to get fixed?

(Robin) #7

zigbee and zwave devices work on seperate mesh networks.

Most mains powered devices will act as repeaters in the mesh. (Except most bulbs and smoke detectors)

zwave+ can go to 50m but as a rule of thumb you should be planning maybe 2 mains devices per room with no gaps greater than 15m

Zwave repeaters won’t repeat Zigbee and visa versa. Unless you are confident you can create a strong mesh for both types over such a large area, you may be better off sticking with just one technology or the other.

Note that the zwave standard only allows 4 hops between extenders.

(Gustavo Fuchs) #8

Great thanks! i will do my tests here and share the feedback.

(Gustavo Fuchs) #9

My new Smart Things Hub (UK) has arrived and i’m able to setup things accordingly. thanks! One way i’m trying to make it work is to have 2 hubs (one US, one UK) in the same location) and use location as an option to have both working at the same time in the same house.

Does anybody have experience with that ?

(Robin) #10

It’s doable using IFTTT as a ‘middle man’ but unnecessarily complicated (and laggy).

It may also be illegal to use US frequencies in Dubai.

Why would you want two hubs?

Also, I’m not sure if you can have multiple locations across different ST shards?

(Marc ) #11

@gustfuchs I am in the same boat. I am a US citizen but I live 10 months per year in Abu Dhabi.
I looked up the TRA frequency table here:

and ST frequencies here:

US Zwave 908xx MHz =
" MOBILE except aeronautical mobile
UAE 12
UAE 14
UAE 15 "
I can’t imagine “Mobile” frequencies being illegal in UAE.

Zigbee = 2.4ghz which is listed as “Mobile fixed” because all WiFi routers use the same freq. That is definitely legal.

The UK Zwave is 868 Mhz

UAE 862 - 890 MHz = “MOBILE except aeronautical mobile
UAE 12
UAE 14
UAE 15
UAE 16”

I beleive you are legal on either system. The questions that remain are:

  1. Will the US box/hub handle 220v electricity?
  2. How to add components to your system?

****MY question is: Can I use the UK kit in USA legally? I think I will use the UK versions of everything and bring them back to US someday.