Q600A Sound Bar not found in SmartThings

Just purchased a Q600A soundbar. Got it all set up and working, but when I try to add it to SmartThings it is like it does not exist. I updated the firmware and the Bluetooth is working. I could connect it to my phone to play music. I tried using the QR code, but SmartThings does not even recognize there is a QR code right in front of the camera. I tried the scan and it cannot find it. I tried getting it from the list, but it does not show up as a option among the list of Samsung products. I have re-initialized the device and still nothing. Am I going crazy? How could nothing work out of all of these options? Any suggestions on what else I can do?

Just a note, my Q90 TV shows up on SmartThings and works great. Also, the support page for the Sound Bar does say to connect it to SmartThings. So I would think this should work.

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Q600A at least the UK variant never has had Smartthings connectivity, it does have tap to play which needs to be switched on within Smartthings but that does not mean the Soundbar is connectable to ST as a device

The sounbar does show up in personal devices but that is only due to BT connectivity for audio

I agree it would be nice to have but it is sold at a price point, a more expensive version would have ST connectivity

On a side note, the bass is excellent, center is excellent but steering can be a bit lacking I have found but it is what it is, overall I’m very happy with it and looking to get the rears with the wireless connector but using my own already installed but unused orbs for rear speakers

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Hey there! @BradRR275, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: Thanks for the Tag @JDRoberts.

As @fido, mentioned it is only possible for that model (Q600A) to be Bluetooth paired as a Directly Connected Device, and controlled from the personal Bluetooth device(s) room. It is unable to be onboarded to the Smart Things app for use with Routine Automations/Scenes at this time.

Have you tried unpairing and repairing the device to see if it shows up in the Directly Connected Devices?

The devices showing in your phone’s Bluetooth list should appear here. I know that with that specific soundbar, you are only able to establish a Bluetooth pairing connection to two devices at a time.

If you are using Android 10 or higher there is also the option of swiping down from the top of your phone, under the quick panel should be the option for Media | Devices as shown in the screenshot below to confirm:

Note: The mention of Smart Things application usage, is in regards to an embedded advanced feature only to turn on the Menu > Settings Cog Wheel > Advance features > Tap view, Tap sound to allow you to tap the corner of the Soundbar with your mobile device, and on devices with displays have viewing options.

I hope this message finds you well!


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