SmartThings Tracker now available for pre-order

The US version of the SmartThings tracker is now available for pre-order on Samsung’s website for $100. That includes one year of AT&T LTE coverage. After that it’s $5/month and doesn’t require a smartphone plan with AT&T. The tracker itself uses LTE Cat.M1, Wi-Fi, and BT 4.2 radios to show location anywhere, not just home/away like the old arrival sensor. Lasts up to 10 days per charge and is IP68. rated. It also has a feature where you can double click it and it will send a push message with your location through the SmartThings app. You can even get an accessory pouch for it :grinning:



The pricing structure isn’t bad IMO. I may buy one to test out for our kids. What i’m most curious about is the capabilities this will have in the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app. There is currently no way to arm and disarm Smart Home Monitor in that app based on currently available presence sensors. Will they allow it with this tracker? And if so, will it be walled off so you HAVE to have this if you want presence based SHM automatons? The new button was the first device i’ve seen that can arm/disarm SHM in STSC. So will Samsung have features limited to new devices in order to drive sales of those devices? :man_shrugging:


Was reading about this before reading your post.


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Wait… then what’s the point of this Tracker under the SmartThings brand name then? What can it do in SmartThings?

I presume the same automations the current presence sensors can do. They can’t arm/disarm SHM in the new app either. But you can have them turn on lights, lock a door, etc.