Cannot add second SmartThings Tracker to App

First, thanks for making the SmartThings tracker product! I have two. The first one was added in the app thru the Favorite link which already had a “SmartThings Tracker” in the app in my wife’s account on her iPhone. During the installation process, it asked us about what was the device going to be tracking. It works like a charm.
Then we tried adding the second SmartThings Tracker by going through Add a device. It doesn’t ask me about what was the device going to be tracking. It never shows the green light nor red-green-blue lights flashing as the manual says. We cannot add the second device in the app. Then I added the app on my iPhone with her account. Same issue. Then I tried adding the second device on my iPhone using my Samsung account, same issue.
How do I proceed and get the second SmartThings Tracker added to either iphone/account? PLEASE HELP!

I’m not sure how to help, but you should be aware the SmartThings Tracker is unfortunately end of life. The AT&T model will stop the end of October.

Thanks for the comments. I learned somewhere that pressing the power button 5 times could reset. Tried that and failed still. Hoping to get more leads.
BTW, isn’t it that Samsung will stop supporting the device at the end of October. The devices that Samsung sold all over the world would likely not stop working I guess. Isn’t that right? How could they suddenly stop working devices? Would they do that to their customers? Makes no business sense, right?

They most certainly can and they definitely are in the case of the AT&T model SmartThings Tracker

I got the following from one of the Samsung representative in email; while I have not yet followed the process, I hear that due to the large refund requests, the company is processing the refunds slower than anticipated… Here is their (support at smartthings dot com) email:

We are reaching out because the AT&T SmartThings tracker will be discontinued, effective October 31, 2021. On this date, we will no longer support the AT&T SmartThings Tracker and AT&T will also discontinue any services associated with your tracker.

Your AT&T SmartThings Tracker and its associated mobile date service will no longer work. You will also no longer be able to use the SmartThings app to control the device.

Owners of the AT&T SmartThings Tracker are entitled to a refund for their devices through our refund site :

This offer is only for AT&T SmartThings Trackers.

The process starts by having the customers go to in order to submit a refund request.

After selecting the Samsung SmartThings Tracker product, you will be prompted to enter the mobile number and IMEI number of the Tracker.

This will send the customer a text with a personalized link to continue with the refund process. The link will direct the customer to the refund request page, where you will fill out the purchase date and upload a copy of the receipt/bill of sale.

Next, fill out the personal information page and hit submit. You will receive a confirmation with your ticket expected refund amount.

The customer will receive a second link via text, giving them access to the customer portal.

Confirm the refund information and select the method of refund. Customers can receive either an eCoupon or a refund via Citibank.

Only users who purchased within 1 year will have the option to choose the cash(CItibank ) option.

The refund options and amount available are based on how long since the customer purchased the device, as follows.

<1 year:100%($99), cash refund via citibank or ecoupon.
1-2 years: 66% ($66) , ecoupo only
2-3 years: 33%($33), ecoupon only