Samsung SmartThings Tracker at Verizon $24.99

Online Only! $55 off

Special pricing available online only. Limited time offer. While supplies last. Restrictions may apply.

Am I reading the service correctly? $20 per year plus $1/device/month.

So, if you have 3 devices, they would be $3 per month and $20 per year?

you better contact them to verify.

I am. Just wondering if anyone knew.

Still a FOAL better than the Samsung direct price of $99 with a free year of service included and then $5/month per device when they were released. At $20/yr I am really tempted to replace a few of my old Zigbee presence sensors

Do these work in V2 hub and classic? Before pulling the trigger I checked the app and they are not listed under presence sensors.

It doesn’t work through the hub. And it isn’t as fast to respond as the zigbee sensor IME. Requires the new app for full functionality.