Smartthings to Nest Without Nst Manager?

Has anyone had any luck running routines between smartthings and Nest without using the (NST) Manager ?

If so what have you used?

If you don’t want to use any custom code and you only need simple integration, the IFTTT channel is easy. :sunglasses:

Stringify is a similar 3rd party service that can Connect SmartThings and Nest through “flows.” These are more powerful than IFTTT applets, but also more complex to set up.

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There are several man in the middle integrations such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, but they don’t expose all of the features and controls available. AFAIK the NST Manager smartapp is the most direct and comprehensive integration.

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There is an alternative under SmartThings which is simpler to install as you don’t need to create a Nest developer account…

Nest has authorized me for many users…

Would you mind sharing a simple way to setup a Nest thermostat with ST? I have done alot of reading, and so far I have not found a solution in making all of this work. I can control my Nest through Alexa, but I have no way to control it through ST. And I would like to control thermostat for certain scenes.

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See my post above. My solution doesn’t require to create a Nest account and copy & paste all the Nest permissions.

See the ST community wiki for more details on My Next Service Manager and its DTHs: