SmartThings Support Response Times Slow

I’m guessing I’ve used support 10-12 times over the years and I usually get a reply in 24 hours or so. Four days and counting on my current issue. I suppose the staff are all tied-up unravelling account migration and new app messes.

Kinda frustrating.

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I’m guessing you’re right.

But more and more I read that folks are having good experiences with phone support. Personally, I hate to be on hold, but, admittedly, as long as you reach the right person, phone (or chat) ought to be pretty efficient…

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Hmmm, yes, I don’t really want to sit on hold either. The issue I reported is not major, just annoying.

It’s a shame to see deterioration in service like this.

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The bright side is that it is almost certainly due to the new login / new App migrations and that will eventually be over. Of course this workload could have been predicted, by I doubt they wanted or could have overstaffed just for this period of transition.

Sure. However who knows how long this migration is going to take. There has been no new official information in a long time on getting custom handlers to work in the new app for example so my guess is we’re at least a year away.

You don’t have to wait on hold. They will call you back when your spot in the queue comes up. Last time I called they called me back in short order.


This does beg the question why phone support seems to be getting more attention than email …

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Not saying it’s right but a person on the phone needs to be addressed now. An email can be put off until later. It was the same scenario when I was still working in an office “putting out fires” for accounts.

I would imagine it’s all about available resources and phone calls and chats are taking up so much time that there isn’t much left to respond to emails.

I prefer to use email too but will use phone support if it’s the only way to get my request handled expeditiously.

Just my thoughts…

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Yes, that’s all very logical of course.

I would not want to be working in ST Support right now. These poor folks did not create this new app mess but they are left shoveling the poo.


That was the impression I had when I spoke with them last. You could “sense” the workload with the migration. I was able to get my question answered though and they were very pleasant. I had sent an email several days before I finally called. I seem to remember it was several days after the call before I finally got a response to the email.


Just to close out this item, Support did get back to me today via email and their suggestion resolved my issue.


Yuck…talking to an actual human being?

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Old topic, is support really slow for anyone else still?

I put a ticket in over a week ago about my new button. I’d rather bother Samsung support but they sent me to SmartThings.

Yes, it’s still that bad. I have a ticket going on 3 weeks without any traction.

Support has definitely deteriorated recently.

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Recently they were more responsive initially on two new tickets I opened. But they’ve both sat for weeks now without closure. I gave up.

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I have the same problem. I have 2 tickets one of them is very urgent for me because the problem prevents my thermostat schedule. I can’t get a response for 5 days.