Smartthings Stopped working with Echo and Google Home

About a year ago, I started getting some e-mails that I needed to update my Google home and my Amazon Echo in order not to lose its features when a new update from SmartThings was released.

The e-mails had some instructions on how to do it… I followed the instructions and as soon as I updated the echo or the Google Home, both stopped working.

When I ask Google to do something it says “Sorry SmartThings is unavailable”.

Since then I have been very busy and I haven’t looked into it anymore.

Thanks for your help!

Hey there! @Error404 , I’m sorry to hear that you are receiving an error stating “Smart Things is Unavailable”. We recommend unlinking Smart Things and Google Home from each other and Re-Linking.

You would want to be sure to remove Google from Linked Services, then remove/unlink ST from Google Home, Leaving nothing linked at that point.

You would then use these troubleshooting steps to re-link your Google Account to Smart Things, and you woud follow’s google steps to re-link Smart Things to Google.

Here is the troubleshooting article for reference: Google Assistant | SmartThings
Select Support at the Bottom of the Article.

You can also attempt a “Sync My Devices” command in the Google Voice Assistance to sync devices across providers/partners.

I hope this message finds you well!