Sorry, it looks like SmartThings is unavailable right now / 2022


For the past couple days when I request something to happen through a Google or Sonos device that is linked to SmartThings, I get “Sorry, it looks like SmartThings is unavailable right now”, after the action is done. Ie… lights turn on , then I get that message. It’s annoying, how do I dix this?

I’ve tried:

  1. Unlinking SmartThings in Google Home then setting it back up, then Syncing devices through Google Home.
  2. Reconnecting Smartthings through Google Home, then Syncing devices through Google Home.
  3. Rebooting SmartThings hub, and then going through 1 or 2. Hub is hub v2, US customer Rev E, ver 000.041.00009.

Nothing has worked so far and everythign I can find is from 2021. Any help would be much appreciated!


After doing this part… look in the ST app > Menu > Settings > Linked services and make sure the integration has been removed on ST’s side.

It has been so long since I removed that integration so I don’t know if that is the way to do it :wink:

Yes, when I unlinked SmartThings in Google Home, I then went into SmartThings and made sure it had unlinked from Google.

Well, I’ve tried pretty much everything having to do with unlinking and reconnecting accounts, but still have the stupid message. I really don’t want to blow it all away and start from scratch.

Did you contact support? Sometimes they can see things from their side. Although they do have an annoying tendency of telling you to uninstall and reinstall, like most support desks.

Also, while I’m thinking about it, do you by any chance have a Wi-Fi mesh system? It shouldn’t make any difference, but some people have said that it did for them.


I have not contacted support yet.

I do have google wifi (mesh). Also, I don’t get the message when use google assistant from my phone, only when I use google home devices in the house. What did they do with the wifi that made a difference??

As I understand it, it’s just a timeout issue. The acknowledgment is somehow getting timed out before it’s delivered. Which some people said was a problem when they had Wi-Fi mesh, but I honestly don’t know any more about it than that.

I understand the network mechanics of a timeout issue, I just don’t really understand why Wi-Fi mesh would be a contributing factor. But some people did report that they thought it was. and it was the same kind of situation that you said, it worked OK from the phone but not from the smart speaker.

I am going to throw this one out there as something to try…

change the dns server address on the router. for example, if you are using your ISP’s dns server address… switch it to google’s dns server 8.8. 8.8 & 8.8. 4.4. I added spaces so remove those if you copy/paste.

I have no clue if it will resolve this issue. As @JDRoberts pointed out… contacting ST support is recommended

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No dice. Tried manually entering those as well as using the default and no change. Did find something different, there were 2 Samsung accounts linked when using my desktop browser through online google security, where through my phone, I was only seeing 1 through google home. So deleted both, set it back up, and then synced. Didn’t work, was hoping it would. I did open up a ticket with ST.

Just wondering what the change was that brought this on, I’ve had very little issues (knock on wood).

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The two Samsung accounts and there only being an issue with the Google Home is interesting. I’m wondering if there are ghosts of a link between SmartThings and the second Samsung account hiding in your Google home/household/structure that are inadvertently being activated. Sadly since Google have removed most of the useful functionality from ‘Home Control’ it is no longer possible to see what is really lurking outside of households and Rooms and clean things up.

It sounds like you have removed and replaced the SmartThings link. Have you tried starting again on the Google end with a new household?


I haven’t tried a whole new household yet, just sent info/logs to ST. Added the 2 accounts for you to see.

Well folks, I’m not sure what fixed it, but it’s fixed now. It’s one or more of the things below:

  1. Made Samsung password the same as my SmartThings app and SmartThings IDE password.
  2. Deleted and creates a new “Home” in Google Home.
  3. reconnected all accounts.

I don’t think this was a mesh issue but a Google syncing with Samsung SmartThings issue. SmartThings support did little but keep asking me for logs and telling me they were going to help.

Unfortunately, I can’t prove the connection issue between Google and SmartThings, but I would say that something got stuck.

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unclear on this as both use your Samsung account

Sorry…misspoke there…my and were different. I don’t follow ST enough to know if it has any significance, but it seemed like even with all connections redone, there was still a comms issue.

Something was weird, and I still have no idea why I had 2 ST links at one point.