Doubts with Samsung's own washing machines

Hey all!

I’ve got an original Kickstarter edition V1 hub with the european Zwave frequency.

My current “dumb” 10+ year old washing machine is waving bye bye… what a better chance to smartify it?

I’ve seen in the Spanish website (yeah, I’m in Spain) that there are already a few machines with wifi integrated…

Question is… will my current setup go well with those? or do I have to make the jump to the V2 hub?


It’s hard to know without the exact specs of the new washing machine’s APIs and/or planned SmartThings integrations.

However, Hub V1 is definitely able to handle many LAN integrations (it doesn’t connect to WiFi directly, but presume the washer is on the same LAN as your Hub and WiFi router).

Hub V2 is a bit more likely than Hub V1 to get upgrades to LAN device features. I don’t think SmartThings intends to deprecate V1 too soon, though. But why not just wait and find out? By the time the integration works or doesn’t work, there may be a Hub V3…

If you are just looking for notifications when laundry is done, save yourself a few hundred Euros and just plug the washer into a power reporting outlet and have it set to send a notification when voltage drops.
I try to avoid exploding appliances and phones whenever possible.


I’ve never used one of those plugs… can’t figure out logically how they

They measure how many watts of power whatever is plugged into them uses. On my washing machines I have an alert set to notify me when the washer drops below 5W . When I get the alert, I know the laundry is done. I have another alert for the one on my pellet stove to alert me when it drops below 100W , signifying that the fan has shut off because it is out of fuel.

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