SmartThings Android app update ( 5 Nov 2023 ) version

A mysterious empty SmartThings notification seems likely to have been the herald for an update having appeared on the Galaxy Store. It has been a long time since I’ve had an update by that route as usually the Play Store version comes well in advance.

Nothing is leaping out as me as new.

Update: Version is also rolling out via Google Play where it is dated 5th November. The Galaxy Store version was dated 7th November.


yeah, same here… no maps feature for me yet too…

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I updated via Galaxy Store to v1.8.10.21.

Nothing is jumping out at me either.

Nothing “new” in the “What’s new” blurb (reads the same as prior update):


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Why Galaxy store and not Google Android play Store? v1.8.10.23
In Galaxy store I see v1.8.10.21
I only have Samsung devices. But Galaxy store I only use for weard tools like Good Lock.

I have just updated my non-Galaxy phone via the Google Play Store. It is the same version ( as the Galaxy Store.

There always used to be a bit of a race between the two when it came to SmartThings releases but I haven’t seen that for some time. Even when the Play Store release has taken a week or so to be available on my Galaxy phone it has still beaten the Galaxy Store.

It was the other-way-around for me: Galaxy Store had the .21 available, while Play Store did not. Just checked this morning and Play Store does not have v.23 available yet for me :frowning:

They still update step by step. Understandable. I live in Holland.
what do you know:I just got a Smartthings update and I am back at

maybe a numbering problem