Release Android App 1.7.39-24 [v3]

New version of Android v3 app is out…


Must be a staged release. I’m not seeing it in the play store or the Galaxy store on my Galaxy S7 yet.

Thanks for the heads up @HA_fanatic


On the Play Store for me

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Automations are still broken (sunset-sunrise, ghost instances, multiple notifications etc…) but hey… we’ve got a new icon now! Then you realize today is Halloween and this was probably just a prank.

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Maybe it’s not available on the Galaxy S7?

Add missing new Sonos capabilities to your list, like IF this THEN play lol

Lemme check I have one of those in the house… I’ll update shortly.

@oldcomputerwiz I checked and is not available on my GS7 -:frowning:

Thanks. I did delete and reinstall (lost all my settings of course) and it still pulled the previous version. If you see it on your S7 I’ll dump the cache and data in the play store and try again.

UPDATE:. Dumping data on the play store app didn’t make any difference. It must be something to do with the S7 or Android 8.0.0 I’m guessing.


Thanks for checking. I’m surprised it’s not supported. I’ll dig into it a but more next week.

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Thought I’d add it is also not available on my Samsung Galaxy S8 either, running Android 9.

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I just checked my GS5 and it won’t update either and it was taking all updates prior to this one.

Being that the GS8 won’t update (prior post) I’m wondering if someone messed up the minimum requirements when they published the update?

If be really surprised if flagship devices that are still getting security updates (GS7, GS8) are left behind.

I think is just a matter of time. They may release the updates in stages.


Odd that I can get a Samsung software update on my Google Pixel phone but you can’t get it on Samsung S7 or S8. I would guess it’s an Android version issue therefore? I have Android 10.

Being another member that had Android 9 couldn’t get the update either it does look like they set the minimum requirements to Android 10. I’m guessing that either it was an oversight or maybe they are doing a limited Beta knowing that there are fewer Android 10 users out there.

No update for me either, at least not yet. I’m on a Note 5 running Android 7.0.

Nothing for me either, on Nokia 7 plus with Android 9

APKMirror has it, but the Android OS’s don’t include mine yet…

Min: Android 8.0 (Oreo, API 26)
Target: Android 9.0 (Pie, API 28)


No update here either, Pixel 2XL on 10 (maybe that’s why?) I can wait though.

My GS7 Edge got the update 8 hours ago.

Your OS version must be 8 or 9. I suspect another variant or two will eventually come out for the other Android versions. It looks as if ST typically has 4 variants of their app, so let’s hope they’re out soon.