SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - Android 1.7.29-66

Google Play just updated to this version, and yeah, it’s still a POS… (sorry ST guys, I know you’re trying)

Can’t do anything in it. Can’t open any (any) device card because it crashes every single time and then restarts (rinse and repeat), everything is “Checking status…”, and I could go on and on and on…

OK, I’ll add one more thing - I think it’s gotten worse, if that’s even possible!

Here’s my experience:

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It works fine on my Pixel 2 XL. But the device statuses take way to long to update (2-3 seconds)

I did not do a compare but I believe when I first got it a few days ago it actually increased the number of devices that were working, then a couple days or so I had major zwave device issues and once restored I noticed that a large number of devices, mostly Zigbee, were reported as disconnected in the new app. In the classic app these devices were reported as working fine… and in some (all?) cases, the devices also worked in the new app if you opened the device page and interacted with the device there. Anyway, I was bothered by all the disconnected tiles so I did a couple things… I cleared the app cache (only the cache!), and I powered down my hub for 10 - 20 minutes. The latter is the method to cause ZigBee devices to panic and try to find a new path to the hub however I likely did not need to do this as those same devices were working fine in the classic app. Anyway, long story short, everything is back to normal.

The above only fixed the numerous devices reported as “disconnected” by the new app. The other issues, such as screen resorting/jumping around while you scroll or trying to tap a tile have somewhat improved but not fully fixed yet. Add the multiple tapping before a selection actually responds to taps (I have a Note8 and this is the only app that does it) and I too cannot call myself a happy camper either, but I do see progress so trying to use the app more and more.

To get stuff done quickly, however, classic is still way ahead for one big reason… the rooms/groups screen!!! The new app has that horrifyingly long dashboard screen that is anticipating my index’s arthritis by a decade… 22 screen flicks to get to the bottom of the list (and I have hidden lots of devices!!!) - what UI designer can possibly think that is acceptable? Sure if you design this for users with 15-30 devices, it works… GRRRRRRRRRRR this always ticks me off!


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New app is working fine on Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0. I did notice with the latest update “scenes” keeps going back to the top of the list even though I keep moving it to the bottom. I don’t have any crashes. A mix of 75+ Z-Wave and zigbee devices with all but a handful running stock DTH.

My update dropped a few days ago

My feelings towards it are already on the forum, this update did not change anything

Anyone else having their mobile presence name change magically on it’s own?

The only phone I have the new app installed on keeps changing the name from “John’s Phone” to “John Constantelos’s John’s Note 5”. BTW, the “John’s Note 5” was the name it had over a year ago…

FYI @Brad_ST

This is super annoying because on mine I purposely have scenes at the very top and after the update it move them to the very bottom. You think it would be consistent but instead it’s like it just reversed the position of everything.

I did add some of my most used scenes to my Galaxy S3 Frontier watch but that has about 10 to 15% success rate. Usually when I click the scene it says the scene ran but not all devices were able to be controlled. It does that seven or eight times in a row before it actually runs sucessfully. High quality stuff.

Ha, yeah… I just submitted another support ticket on more of my issues.

I just noticed that the historical graphs are now displaying in Fahrenheit for me instead of Celsius.

So what’s new with this latest update? It hasn’t hit ios yet. I think @johnconstantelo noticed z-wave replace was added to the menu for the device. Sounds like temperature graph unit of measure is now correct.


I didn’t get an update to the Android app. It looks like it is a server side fix. Are you seeing Fahrenheit on iOS?

Mine is still in Centigrade on iOS.

Currently on Android version 1.7.29-66, April 7, 2019.

It also looks like I can once again change the order of the rooms on the main page and they are staying put.

I would have thought a server side update would affect iOS too.

I wish I could validate that, the temperature scale, and a few other things; but I’ve stopped using the new app altogether because it crashes every single time I try to open any device, and any time I open the app the stupid thing renames my mobile presence devices (just to mention a few of several issues I’m having…). It’s a totally useless POS right now for me.

I guess it was @aruffell that noticed the z-wave replace.