Will there be an end to the mess that is two apps?

Hi ST Community,

I’ve been a ST user for ~3+ years now and (had) been pretty satisfied. Then out of nowhere I receive messages from Samsung that they are transitioning to a new app and that I should do the same. I did, only to realize none of my beloved routines (which are now called scenes or something?) did not work on the new app and the new app is extremely counter-intuitive often requiring many many taps to get to stuff.

I have not tended to my ST nor have followed the ST scene. May I please ask a simple question. When will this two app crap end? Will we ever have a fully functioning (or may I say, at least as functional as classic) app?


Who knows and maybe

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I totally agree!! The new app is still ugly sand lack of feature even after many years. Make me feel that the developer team is not really focusing on combine 2 apps together.

Based on the survey that came out several months ago, I bet it’s one of their top priorities.


It is taking a long time for the new app to improve and it does of course still lack some functionality only available in the classic app, which has caused considerable frustration for many community members.
However, the new up is gradually improving and like many of us here I suspect you should just keep using the classic app until you are happy that the new app it’s good enough to replace it. That may take some time yet but at least you are not forced to change.


Agreed. The New App is getting better and there is some major stuff going on behind the scenes.


Can you give some specifics about what you don’t like?


Glad to know this. I was under the assumption that classic app will be forcefully retired soon. I have a bunch of housekeeping to do w.r.t. custom routines and smartapps and wasn’t sure where to spend the energy, new or old.

Why did you assume this?

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also, what’s the definition of “soon”?


The original communiqué from Samsung was as follows:

We are updating to Samsung Account! This is an initial step in our journey to prepare you for the new SmartThings app, designed to bring you access to Samsung devices and services in addition to the hundreds of Works with SmartThings products you already use and love.

This made me assume that Samsung is transitioning to new, better, more integrated app and classic would disapperar – like with most corporate products (maintaining two SKUs is not easy and I do not expect efficiency). Plus, when I bought a Samsung TV it would only work with the new app. All consumer grade signals in marketing messages are that the new app is the way to go, but whenever I try to do anything advanced (which is why I bought ST 3+ years back), I find myself resorting to the classic app.

I would not be surprised if Samsung management decides to sunset Classic app or stop updating it. As of right now they are double dipping and that makes little sense to me. Its been 18 months since the new app, really it cannot perform still?

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Once the new rules engine launches after SDC I would say most of your custom apps will be handled by that. I only use the new app now and I am a pretty heavy power user. There are things that you can and will only be able to do in the new app. I am genuinely curious to hear the negative feedback because actually prefer the new app now. (I didn’t at first)


the new app prod version or beta/dev versions? :wink:

I use the stock app from the store and I am on NA04 production server.


OK thank you – very useful intel! Does Webcore works with the new app? I am not particularly married to webcore, I am just looking for a streamlined way to convert a cluster-F of smartapps I am currently using to do simple stuff like turn this light when motion when XYZ, WHen away turn on red when motion at front door … etc.

I will give the new app a try now that you have given me hope. In all transparency, I gave it a try last fall and gave up.

I have about 250 devices. Missing functionality aside it takes forever for the status of all devices to update when opening the app. It’s currently just too slow to use even if it had all the options available in Classic.

And some officially supported devices still do not work in Connect (Rachio for example).

I want to use it. I just find I can’t.


Get the logout issue resolved for the iOS app which basically makes location services non-functioning :slight_smile:


One feature that is a deal breaker for me is the inability to see a view that is similar to the “Recently” view tab for devices in the classic app. I want to know what messages/events it sent. I cannot find a way to do that in the new app.