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SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - Android 1.7.27-25, iOS 1.6.27

So this is the Samsung connect app. I’m still on classic and assuming no need to move over yet.

Unless you have a Samsung product that needs the new app do not bother using connect, it lives as an Alpha app going through growing pains


The empty top half of the screen is compliance with Samsung’s new “One UI” experience.

ie, the ability to control impossibly big phones with one hand… Like when you’re driving and such, of course.

Looks better, definitely should be more functional than it was, getting closer to parity with the classic app. One big problem though, Samsung dishwasher that requires the new app for controls was working, disappeared from the interface and room it was in with this update. Still shows in the classic app and IDE. Going into the new app to add/readd directly from the Samsung devices list results in this screen:

Maybe don’t break working devices/features with updates, especially Samsung ones…

On iOS now! Installing as we speak.

Yay, anther fresh new look!

Actually, wow the new app on iOS, runs sooo much faster than the previous version. Forcing all your devices into a room is annoying but hopefully it means rooms will finally get some serious use. This upgrade looks solid enough I might switch.

I actually kind of like it overall… except for two things. One, it doesn’t seem to cache my devices. When I first open the app it needs to refresh for a few seconds before it picks up all of my devices. But secondly, I can’t seem to find a way to trigger routines. They’re not listed in “Scenes” or “Automations”.

Overall I’ll still be using the Classic app for now, but the new app looks pretty nice. I mean, it seems to have basic if/then support built in, which is one major improvement over the Classic app.

(Edit: Android here.)

Not gonna lie, im really liking this update so far! Will post some new functionality I’ve found in a bit.

Routines have never existed in the new app and are going away.

so the Android version is 1.7.27 and the iOS is 1.6.27?

Ah, haven’t used previous versions of the new app much. Seems pretty dumb to me, but I’d guess that’s been discussed here ad nauseum. :smiley: Oh well.

Every time I close/open the new new app on iOS, the rooms are reordered as well as the devices inside them. Are you seeing this? Looks like room wallpapers are default as well.

Yup, I’m seeing the samething too… it’s definitely an improvement from the previous version but it’s still not ready for prime time.

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i like the new app but can’t get any of the device pages to load at all.

android or iOS?

I’m using iOS

Same for me. All devices operate from “Home” screen, but all device detail pages load as “device disconnected”

I am on iOS. if I click on the Devices tab then click on a device, they open.

As a workaround I removed unimportant devices from the favorites in each room making it easier to find important devices on the home page.

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Really liking this. Most of the UI changes I wanted are done. Having the same problem of order of scenes/favorites and wallpapers not saving when reopening. I also can’t find how to change the mode or even see which mode I am currently in. Also I don’t understand why SHM has 2 spots on the dashboard.