SmartThings (Samsung Connect) iOS 1.6.17 (October 23, 2018)

STSC for iOS 1.6.17 was released overnight

Minor improvements for Custom Automations

Same for Android. Just got it this morning: 1.7.17-25

It still doesn’t see all my devices and Rooms that the Classic app does for some reason.

When I first started using STSC, I also was missing a large amount or rooms and devices that were in the Classic app. I would delete the rooms that were missing in the Classic app, recreate them and add the devices back. I did it one room at a time to make it easier. Then checked the STSC app and had all my missing rooms and devices.

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That didn’t work for me, and to add more to the mess I have another odd problem. I have a handful of power metering plugs using ST’s default “Z-Wave Metering Switch” DTH, but out of 8 of them only 4 kind of work right, and out of those 4, only 2 are doing what I want. Remember, all 8 are using the same DTH:

This one works right:

This one works 1/2 right:

And this one doesn’t work at all (tapping on it does nothing):

They changed the notifications/messages options

Hey, the battery alerts have relevant device information now!

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I think this is new? Low battery visual alert

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Anybody else’s tiles not updating automatically when a device changes state? I have to refresh the list manually.